Just For Fun

Norwich Terriers 

Our dogs are members of the family-living in our home, sharing in day to day activities.....
Just For Fun Norwich Terriers have a written (lifetime) genetic guarentee and they can come home for any reason at any time.
Animals, especially dogs and horses, have had a wonderful impact on our lives and we are pleased to share our "Norwich" family with you.
Al and Dianne Just
At age 4 Dooey joined our family which included our Great Dane and our son's Boston Terrier.
Joey was our first Norwich puppy and first show dog.  We learned together-with support from breeders Ray and Dianne Ivey-and surpassed all expectations.
Harley joined us in 2011 and we share an incredible bond.  He quickly generated interest with his show ring performances on both sides of the border and we are very excited to see what the future has in store.